At Proactive, we use the most advanced software to provide “Real Time” Reporting so know instantly how your Business is performing.

In addition “Xero” accounts software allows you access to your data via a remote PC, or even your mobile!

The traditional “service” offered by Accountancy Practices is something like this:

Traditional Accountancy Practice

  • Your Company’s Year End is Dec
  • Your Accountant asks for your records 3 months later
  • A junior member of staff takes 3 months preparing accounts
  • The Partner calls you in for a meeting, baffles you with jargon and then tells you what you have to pay in tax-(Usually a high amount you had not planned for!)

“The Proactive Way”

  • Your Company’s Year End is Dec
  • At 31st Dec you know exactly how your Business has performed
  • We have provided up to the minute monthly accounts and reports throughout the year
  • We have shown you ways on how you can save tax continuously throughout the year.
  • We take steps to ensure you pay no corporation tax , minimise personal income tax and how to extract monies form the Business in the most tax efficient manner.

Which would you prefer?


Reporting in Xero from Xero on Vimeo.