About Capitalise.com


Proactive Accounting  has partnered with Capitalise.com to make it easy for businesses to access funding.

​Capitalise.com created a platform where businesses can find, compare and select the right lender in less than 2 minutes.  Not only will you find lenders who specialise in your industry but you’ll also find lenders who are most likely to give you an offer.



Platfi Ltd., trading as Capitalise, is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for regulated credit agreements.

How it works

Capitalise.com have established a marketplace where lenders, SMEs and their advisors can join forces in comparing and executing loans.  Here’s how it works:

Products Offered



Asset finance:  Fund any asset, from telephones to forklift trucks, through asset finance


Invoice finance:  If you invoice other businesses, use your invoices to get funding


Merchant cash advance:  Use your credit card transactions to get funding


Trade finance:  Pay for goods based on an order using trade finance


Working capital:  Get a working capital loan to finance everyday operations

Lenders Capitalise.com work with

Capitalise.com works with lenders from high street banks, alternatives and independent lenders. Some of the lenders they work with include: